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With decompression pump Protection degree: IP65 This device is suitable for the level measurement of liquids in a tank (paints, fuel oil, solvents, water). Composed of phosphor bronze capsule manometer with aluminium case, chrome brass pressure pump and stainless steel rod. To be vertically installed at the top edge of the tank via male fitting 1“ gas. Mode of operation: activate the pump manually after the installation. By doing this, the stem will be emptied and the manometer will be pressurized depending on the stem length and the specific weight of the liquid, indicating the liquid level in the tank. If the level drops, the pressure on the manometer will diminish and, as a result, the dial hand will drop. To ensure a precise reading it is advisable to pump air into the tube at every tank refill. Apart from the stem length it is necessary to indicate the specific weight of the liquid to be measured. If this information is missing the instrument will be calibrated at specific weight 1. Download the card